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Post by cecil. on Mon Apr 06, 2015 4:40 pm

All writing, poetry etc. that you want under your name, post it here.



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Re: Writing&Poetry

Post by Maira.TBH on Tue Apr 07, 2015 9:08 pm

Thanks for posting an open one, Saphira. ^^


The singing doves,
Up high and above,
Gracefully spread their
feathered wings

I look upside down,
To see their white
soft belly ruffle
against the breeze,

The ground is the sky,
Yet, the green grass above,
As the clouds spread from below,
I watch as the world slows,
The sky raises peach and the night,
Is yet to come.

The Heist of a Hidden Heart

Behind a shadowed mask,
Ignorance overwhelmed his sense,
With lies and hatred spat,
Why senseless courage goes wrong for right
and blows up in his face,

Leaking blood that blinds the ones
who stab and stab with laughter,
Stones will break with bones
and collapse the empty pride within,
As he breaks down on his own,

He wants friends,
He wants to be dependent on someone,
He wants much that cannot be granted,
For he is pitiless and echanted
cruelly by the ones who hate

I listen to his protests,
I hear his deaf cries,
I fail to overcome this task because of that mask,
If a dream could save a life,
I would have taken him over the rainbow to mend his broken heart.


"You don't get it.
My anger burns like a flame, I can't extinguish it.
It just gets stronger and stronger the angrier I get, no matter how hard I try to stop it."

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